Dragons’ Blood

Dragons’ Blood, also known in Spanish as the red latex of the Sangre de Grado, is known as

a potent anti-inflammatory and a wound-healing accelerator.

Amazonian tribes seal-paint this sap on wounds to staunch bleeding and protect injuries from infection.



In the process of Kambô administration, it is used as a protective bandage because of its latex properties; it is applied to the open wound for accelerated healing and reducing scar tissue.

Applied externally,the Sangre de Grado’s sap dries quickly and forms a barrier, much like a "second skin."  

Dragons’ Blood is highly appreciated for its antioxidant properties and amazing support in cuts, scratches, abrasions, lacerations, bites, stings, and skin disorders such as eczema and nail fungi.

Used internally, this powerful sap helps combat intestinal ulcers and stomach disorders. It helps lower fever, heal mouth ulcers, calm respiratory tracts, and soothes nerve pain as well asinflammation.

Benefits have also been reported with stubborn diabetes-related sores Recent research indicates that dragons’ blood sap may help slow the growth of tumors and induce apoptosis.