Auricular Treatments

By reconnecting with ourselves and giving our bodies the self-care and attention they deserve, we can bring ourselves back into alignment, and learn to live in a state of bliss once again. Auricular treatments may bring awareness back into the body.

Paul Nogierpublished his results of Auriculotherapy in 1957.

This explored the healing possibilities of using the ear in a similar way to reflexology.

It is said that within the ear there is a microsystem which allows us to work on areas that would normally be difficult to locate.Usually, treatments are carried out through acupuncture however we can use Auricular therapy with Kambô by placing the points for the treatment on the point we wish to use on the ear.We can work on physical conditions such as gallbladder, shoulders, hip joint, heart, eyes as well as nontangible conditions such as memory, fear, anxiety, aggression, and addiction.

One of the first organs and senses to be formed in the embryo, the ear, is a complete microsystem of the human body, which means it’s a small image of the whole body.

French neurologist Paul Nogier believed that the ear is shaped like an upside-down human fetus, and the acupuncture points on the ear correspond to the body parts of the fetus shape, with the earlobe representing the head.

How can 3 simple ear points gain profound shifts? – If you struggle with chronic anxiety or stress, you may explore the benefits of treating these three most potent points – for gaining homeostasis and centering, for a return to self: Shen Men, Point Zero and Sympathetic Autonomic Point.

Shen MenReferred to as ‘a gateway to heaven’ or the ‘spirit gate’, the Shen Men is a detoxification point; if regulated timely, it can help to overcome addiction and restlessness in the patients. It directly works on the parasympathetic nervous system and relieves any anxiety experienced during the process of fighting any addiction.

Shen Men is directly connected to the eye region and is of great help for people suffering from glaucoma and imperfect eyesight or cataract. Shen Men also helps people on their spiritual path, as it calms the mind and aids in meditation, yoga and other modalities pointing towards Zen.

This master point alleviates stress, pain, tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, and excessive sensitivity. It was one of the first points emphasized for the application of ear acupuncture for the detoxification from addictive drugs and for the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse.”

Point Zero is used to stimulate a change without target. Point Zero is the ultimate “tune-up” point as it promotes balance on multiple levels: energetic, hormonal, and neurological. This master point is both the geometrical and physiological center of the whole auricle. It brings the whole body toward homeostasis, producing a balance of energy, a balance of hormones, and a balance of brain activity. It also supports the actions of other points.”

Balance is a central concept in Chinese medicine. The more adept a person’s body is at keeping all of the physiological variables it manages within appropriate levels, the healthier, energetic and resilient that individual will be. In fact, the entire aging process can easily be viewed as a result of the gradual degradation of the body’s ability to keep these variables in balance.

Zero Point has also been referred to as the "umbilicus", "vitelline duct", or "solar plexus" of the ear indicating its central physiologic importance for many body functions.

It’s no wonder Point Zero is known for bringing the body back into homeostatic balance. This point not only balances energy, but is also used to regulate the brain, viscera, and the hormones.

Sympathetic Autonomic System Point – The sympathetic nervous system is what gets the body in the fight/flight mode for survival purposes. When it engages, our digestive and organ functions shut down, and resources go to support the fight/flight response. We are supposed to be in a parasympathetic mode when not in an emergency response. This is devastating to health and locks us into illusion. Stimulating the Sympathetic Autonomic Point moves you into the parasympathetic state, where body healing and regeneration may take place. Stimulating the SAS point helps to calm the body’s “fight-or-flight” response. However, we often live in a constant state of fear and stress, because our sympathetic nervous system is easily overstimulated.