Warrior Initiation

Warrior Treatments 3 X 3

A Right of Passage for the Kambô Initiate.

There is a powerful rite of passage Initiation with Kambô for the Warriors of the Indigenous Amazonian tribes, like the Matses, the Kutukina and the Kaxinawa.

A 3×3’ (three by three), using 3 consecutive doses of Kambô secretion, the dosage is increased with each application cleansing the body of emotional and spiritual blockages at its deepest core. 

0002Warrior treatments are back-to-back Kambô sessions either on 3 consecutive days or within 3 hours on the same day. These sessions are for clients wishing to break through large blockages and to experience a deep tribal initiation Only for the experienced and or who feel drawn to the intensity of a healing experience.  

Kambô helps to remove ‘panema’, or what we might call dark or negative energy, bad luck, or difficulties and disease. Its ability to cleanse the body and promote renewed vitality is highly regarded, and it’s often used by the indigenous hunters to increase their strength, stamina, and sharpen their senses before hunts. 

We hold our 3×3 clinics over a 3 or 4 night B&B retreat, only a handful of times per year & spaces are limited to 8 participants per ceremony. This ensures the highest standard of safety, comfort and one to one caring throughout this challenging personal process.


"A truly transformational outdoor experience. Nadiah showed me the way to my inner self: there is a genuine peaceful warrior inside each of us."     

                                                                                        by Natalie Galatti, NY.

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